It’s Local 518 Thursday on WEXT, February 3rd

It’s Local 518 Thursday! Click on the artist/band and song featured on the WEXT Radio Local 518 Showt o find out more about them, and support by listening to & purchasing the songs. Miss the show? Listen to it and previous ones at the WEXT Radio Local 518 Show webpage. Have music you want us to hear? Submission guidelines can be found at the webpage link too. Send us stuff! A version of the following is posted on the Local 518 Facebook page.

Tonight at 11:00pm on WEXT Radio, the Local 518 Show playlist features…

Sunbloc – “(All)right… Whatever
ShortWave RadioBand – “Don’t Care
Bad Mothers – “Everything is Alright
Mike Del Vecchio – “Dose
Yeah Universe – “Skin The Fool
Mystery Girl – “Chandelier
Dave Graham & The Disaster Plan – “Make A Scene

The Attic Classic:PLAID got a lot of attention, almost right away, with a self-released cassette demo in 1990. It set the stage for their sound, high speed punk rock with a bit of thrash and metal thrown in, with heavy guitar riffs and thundering drums.

The four songs on that PLAID demo were written by the band, led by Duane Beer on guitar & vocals, with guitarist Mike O’KeefeDave Heaton on bass, and Bill Ketzer pounding the skins.

Two of the songs from the demo made it to their next release, 1991’s ‘Dead To The World’ which came out on Jim Furlong’s label imprint Blue Lunch Records. It also marked a line-up change with Matt Davis replacing O’Keefe on guitar. The disc’s production smoothed out some of the band’s raw edges, adding a bit of horror rock and – dare I say it? – pop musical styles to the mix.

The Attic Classic is from PLAID‘s debut full-length disc, in fact it’s the title track – “Dead To The World.”
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