EP Review: “Mallely’s Lonely Time on Makeout Point” by River Costa

Based out of Albany, New York, River Costa is an independent singer/songwriter who has stepped into the spotlight of the local music scene with the recent drop of her new EP, Mallely’s Lonely Time on Makeout Point. Known for her outstanding performances as the backup singer of rock/blues group Niksen, River has also built a following as a solo artist, posting original songs and covers on her YouTube channel. But her newest release shows that we may just be scratching the surface of her immense musical talent.

Courtesy of River Costa

The new EP was recorded between August 2019 and December 2021 at The Recording Company in Esperance, New York. River wears many hats on the record, performing vocals, guitar, electric guitar, violin, tambourine, and all lyrics and melodies. The rest of the album’s credits feature Tim Lynch on bass and keys, Scott Fransisco on drums, and additional guitar effects by Gabriel James Stallman. The record was produced by Tim Lynch and River Costa, and engineered by Tim Lynch.

The album begins with the track “Tumultuous”. The song has a grunge vibe, with great chords, a fast, boppy movement, and thoughtful lyrics, telling a tale about the throes of being in love. The listener is treated right away to the sweet melody and vocal style of River Costa which provides entrancing storytelling that pulls you in. Vocal harmonies join together with the main voice to create a lush experience that brings the song to another level.

The second song of the EP is called “Copy Cat”. Contrasting the upbeat feel of the first song, Copy Cat takes on a different energy, with a rich, lower vocal line, a slower pulse, and a sad tone that makes you want to just close your eyes and softly sway to the beat. The verses have some exceptional rhythmic hits that are hard to not bob your head to, and the choruses contain some vocal double tracks that provide an almost anthemic presence.

The final song on the record is a tune titled “Look”. This third track is the longest of the record, but it’s also the most elaborate. It has an atmospheric feel to it, starting with quiet guitars, a steady rhythm, and a melody that seems to be floating right on top. As the song progresses, more pieces begin to come into the fold, with a satisfying bass line, guitar effects, and beautiful harmonies fully fleshing out the song’s sound. The song also utilizes clever pop-culture references in the lyrics, including mentions of Quentin Tarantino films and the adventure video game icon Lara Croft, also known as Tomb Raider. The song ends the record on an incredibly strong and impressive note.

Photo by Stephanie J. Bartik

Mallely’s Lonely Time on Makeout Point is a wonderful EP that will surely leave listeners eagerly awaiting her next release, where we will maybe be lucky enough to get a full album of River’s stellar songwriting. You can check out the EP on Bandcamp and YouTube at the links below. Make sure to also support and follow River Costa on all of their social media.

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