LIVE: Wombats @ Empire Live, 01/28/2022

My family & music are my life… especially live music! And I’m so grateful my family loves live music too! Music is always there for you… music & groovin’ & dancing are therapy for me!!! Trying to go to live shows has been important for us since it was suddenly taken away from us. I certainly haven’t taken any show for granted this year! This night did not disappoint – walking in I listen to the house music to perhaps discover someone new & start the dancing on our way to the bathroom. I must say, I appreciate the effort made in Empire Lives ladies’ room & always tip! 

Photo by Lilly Oberg

I knew of the Wombats before hearing about their upcoming concert on WEQX a few weeks ago & I’ll be honest they weren’t really on my radar… so I started thinking about their music & realized that EVERY song of theirs is so danceable & groovy!!!  AND THEN I SAW THEM LIVE!!!! Besides one other band, this was the best live show I have ever been to! Tord was/is so entertaining because of his infectious smile & just beaming his happiness for having a great time on stage!….

We always come for the opening band and Clubhouse from Ohio was great.

I know I’ve had a great time when I’ve been able to dance all night!!! This was the best therapy!!❤️

Thank you to tonight’s musicians, crew, Empire Live, Nippertown & to the lovely Lilly – my punk rock girl! 🤟🙏💛⭐🎉

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