LIVE: Super 400 @ The Egg, 02/16/2022

Just a few days notice was no problem for the mighty Super 400 to fill the opening slot for Dave Mason’s gig at the Egg on Wednesday.  The Troy trio delivered a sparkling set of originals including the brand new soulful Honey And Coffee and the driving You Are My Light with synergy and groove that was a testament to their impressive 25 plus year alliance.  Kenny Hohman’s expert guitar and vocals, Lori Friday’s bedrock bass, and Joe Daley’s dynamic drumming were all headliner status.  Locking right in on keys and vocals was local multi-instrumentalist Chris Carey whose hair seems to be growing longer the more he associates with this heavy rock band.  In a nod to Dave Mason’s old partner in Traffic Steve Winwood, they closed the set with a rousing version of The Spencer Davis Groups’ I’m A Man joined by Lori and Kenny’s daughter Ellie on tambourine.  

The band has just launched their new website check it out!

  1. Fred says

    Great photos!

    How many songs did Super 400 play for their set?

  2. Leif Zurmuhlen says

    Thanks! I think around 6 songs.

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