Lark Hall Announces a Night of Music Featuring Hanzolo, The Q-Tip Bandits, and The E-Block

ALBANY — Lark Hall in Albany announces a night of music on April 27th that will feature Hanzolo, The Q-Tip Bandits, and The E-Block. The show is to start at 7:30 pm.


HANZOLO is a 7-piece band from Upstate New York, toting an explosive and emotional sound that mixes soul, jazz, rock, and funk. Their songs are dance-ably fun with thoughtful lyrics, backed up by a bright horn section. 

HANZOLO recently won the EQX Battle of the Bands and opened Albany’s annual Pearlpalooza music festival. They have opened for bands like Lawrence, Wild Belle, and *repeat repeat. HANZOLO released their first album, Table Butter, in 2019 and followed up with their second album, HANZOLO, in 2021.

HANZOLO’s music has been compared to table butter; Soft enough to spread, yet hard enough to keep its shape.

The Q-Tip Bandits

Since its inception in early 2018, The Q-Tip Bandits have emerged into the Boston music scene as an energetic and vibrant act that continues to touch the audience’s hearts while getting them up on their feet. Their smooth yet powerful sound is backed by the raw energy of rock and the coolness and colors of R&B and funk — with palpable grooves coated with savory, soul-inspired riffs, anthemic horns, and meaningful lyrics.

The E-Block

Let’s just get this out of the way: we don’t like our name either. It makes us sound like a Bruce Springsteen cover band, or a prison group, or something. But we can’t change it; that’s the name of the Rotterdam, NY neighborhood where our band started, and no matter how many times we try to call ourselves something different it just feels wrong. We’re the e-block, from the e-block. Plain and simple. Welcome to the neighborhood.

We’re into indie r&b — nobody really knows what it means but we love the classics and we love the new stuff, too, and we try to play like Soulquarians and write like they used to do out in laurel canyon. We’re big on musicianship, geeks for the liner notes, but above all, we’re about making stuff that feels good to listen to. 

The band was founded by multi-instrumentalist Luke Pascarella (blame him for the name) who soon added his neighbor, drummer Dom Toma, to the band. in 2017, Dom added saxophonist James Soren after meeting at SUNY Albany. in 2020, longtime neighbor Devin Tetlak kind of just joined, which is really cool because he’s insane on keys. That is their core four, but they play and record with a lot of friends — bassists Aaron Ginsburg and Joey Farber, pianist Bryan Le, guitarist Anthony ‘Ace’ Campoli. you might see them at a show or hear them on a record.

it’s a friendly neighborhood here at the e-block, and it’s only getting bigger. In the past year, they built a studio and started producing for new friends like R&B wizard Souly Had.


Tickets are $15 and can be purchased here.

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