Jocelyn & Chris Deliver New Album “Favorite Ghosts” Arriving May 27th

ALBANY — Last Thursday, indie blues-rockers Jocelyn & Chris announced their upcoming album, Favorite Ghostsdue May 27th. Recorded over the course of two years both in and out of lockdown, this project is boasted as “their most powerful and authentic to date.” Written by Jocelyn & Chris and produced by their long-time collaborator David Bourgeois and seven-time Grammy winner Joel Moss, the 10-track album is a statement moment for the siblings and their band, who always choose the power of telling a story over the temptation to conform to any one genre or style. With Favorite Ghosts, Jocelyn & Chris move forward into a bold new chapter as they explore themes of love, loss, and the things that sometimes haunt us but ultimately make us who we are.

My Favorite Ghost,” the album’s evocative and haunting title track, opened the door for what the ten songs on Favorite Ghosts would ultimately become, while foreshadowing the raw, genre-spanning emotion that would mark the rest of the record. “Someone Else’s Blood” and the previously released “Skeleton Key” hit with a hard rock vibe, while “Black and Blue” has a dark, bluesy slinkiness. Throughout the album, Jocelyn’s powerhouse vocals are on full display, accompanied by Chris’s organic guitar riffs driving every track forward to create a ferociously original modern-rock work.

We all have these memories or parts of ourselves that, on the surface, are uncomfortable or make us feel lost,” says Jocelyn. “But when you put all those things together, you get the things that actually make you yourself. This album is about coming to terms with the ugly parts of ourselves and learning that they, too, are us. They’re our favorite ghosts. I’m always a proponent of letting the listener take their own meaning from our music. But overall, these songs are hopeful. The past few years have been a hard time to be hopeful. Writing this album gave me that hope again.”

Jocelyn & Chris gave fans a taste of the album over the summer with its first single “Sugar and Spice.” The track that was hailed “pure American rock goodness” (American Songwriter) saw commercial radio play across the US, earning them their fourth consecutive commercial radio single in the Billboard AAA Top 40.

Siblings Jocelyn & Chris have been making music together for more than a decade, and have never written a song without each other – a streak that spans across eight studio albums. Their dream has always been shared, progressing from small-town garage-band beginnings to stages coast to coast all while both also graduated from Harvard University. With Favorite Ghosts, a powerful, undeniable set of songs, their joy for their art carries them forward once again, into a new chapter. 

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