We Got The Beat — A Women in Music Summit to Debut at the Historic Bearsville Theater, March 25th-27th

WOODSTOCK — “We Got The Beat,” the brainchild of co-producers Holly George-Warren and Lizzie Vann, will debut at the historic Bearsville Theater next month, featuring three days of concerts, panel discussions, film screenings, conversation, and more, honoring the achievements of women in the music industry and setting goals for the future. The production was stated to be occurring from March 25th through to the 27th.

This first annual “We Got The Beat” — its title inspired by the Go-Go’s hit song – includes an impressive list of award-winning performers, music industry leaders, DJs, photographers, filmmakers, authors, and journalists, as well as mainstage concerts by legendary Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Darlene Love and multi-platinum Grammy winner Joan Osborne. *The weekend wraps up Women’s History Month and launches Bearsville Theater’s singular financial initiative to support women artists (*see below for details on Vann’s new initiative as well as separately attached Fact Sheet for supplemental information on why this is vital now).

Music journalist Holly George-Warren, Grammy-nominated producer of RESPECT: A Century of Women in Music and the best-selling author of 16 books, including Janis: Her Life and Music, has joined forces with Bearsville Theater owner Lizzie Vann, to create this first-ever Hudson Valley summit. “I’m really excited about bringing together a diversity of women from several areas of the music business and music fans,” says Holly George-Warren, who will participate in the lively discussions on several panels. “It will be a weekend of music-making, storytelling, networking, and an exchange of ideas – an empowering three days. After all, the exchange of information equals power!”

“This weekend is part of an important initiative that Bearsville Theater is launching to support women in music,” says Lizzie Vann. “Women earn 82% of the pay received by their male counterparts. In support of this, Bearsville has reduced the cost for women artists and groups renting our theater and sound stage facilities by 18%. Women bring as much to the party as men — so let’s go!”

She adds, “We welcome men at this event. We can all learn from these incredible women, and we all have to work together to support the careers of women in the arts.”


·       Darlene Love
·       Joan Osborne
·       Kate Pierson
·       Genya Ravan 
·       Amy Rigby
·       Simi Stone
·       Barbara Kopple
·       Holly George-Warren
·       Meg Griffin
·       Cindy Cashdollar
·       Debra Devi
·       Sarah LaDuke
·       Julie Last

·       Palmyra Delran
·       Amanda Petrusich
·       Johanna Hall
·       Connie Kirch
·       Cristina Martinez
·       Kandia Crazy Horse
·       Amy Linden
·       Janette Beckman
·       Ebet Roberts
·       Carmel Holt
·       Julie Panebianco
·       Marisa Perez-Rogers
·       Posie Strenz


Full weekend passes for access to all events are $120/$60 for students.
An all-access pass for events on Saturday, March 26th is $75/$45 for students.
Student tickets must be verified by presenting a student ID.
For more info, tickets, and a complete schedule of events, visit here.

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