LIVE: Patrick Droney @ Lark Hall, Albany, 02/27/2022

Albany’s Lark Hall welcomed Nashville-based singer-songwriter Patrick Droney on Sunday night. Droney was originally slated to perform in Montreal on Sunday night but had to cancel that show due to Canadian government restrictions on travel. Montreal’s loss was Albany’s gain.

Droney is on tour promoting his latest major-label release State of the Heart. The record is full of tight, masterfully crafted pop/rock songs. Droney expanded on the studio versions on stage Sunday night. He is a straight-up guitar slinger. His playing is reminiscent of modern greats like John Mayer and Kenny Wayne Shepherd with some BB King thrown into the mix. He let loose on several occasions during his sixteen-song set. One particular highlight came late in the set. “Where You Are” from State of the Heart segued into Prince’s “Purple Rain.” The solo just erupted. Droney has a soulful voice and commands the stage. He played a full band set and then a short solo acoustic set. The acoustic set was highlighted by the single “On Your Way Home.” Opening act morgxn joined him on stage to provide high harmonies on “River.”

One thing I was really impressed by was Droney’s attitude. With the last-minute city and venue change, there wasn’t much opportunity to advertise the show or sell tickets. There were maybe one hundred people in attendance. Some artists would phone it in or put on a subpar performance. Droney did the exact opposite. He put every ounce of energy he had into this performance. He was clearly grateful for the fans that made it, smiling ear to ear all night.

I once saw Jeff Buckley at Valentine’s in Albany. I saw Radiohead at Saratoga Winners and I recently saw Dermot Kennedy at Upstate Concert Hall. All of these concerts left me believing that I just witnessed something special. I have been to hundreds of concerts. It is very rare that I get that feeling, that sense that I will never see this artist in a venue this size again. I got that feeling from Droney. The people who were fortunate enough to make it to the show will be telling people about this show for a long time.

Los Angeles-based singer morgxn opened the show. An incredible voice paired with heartfelt lyrics drew in new fans. Seated behind a keyboard morgxn gave a solid 40-minute performance. Proving my point once again. Get to the show early. Catch the openers. Thank me later.

Patrick Droney Setlist
The Wire
State of the Heart
Little By Little
Nowhere Town
All Loved Out
Chasing You
When The Lights Go Out
Stand and Deliver
On Your Way Home
Talk About That
Where You Are / Purple Rain
High Hope

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