LIVE: Annie in the Water @ The Hollow, 03/04/2022

Annie in the Water released their third studio album “Sun at Dawn” to a full capacity house at The Hollow in Albany.

Pine Hills Trio opened for “Annie”. They are a solid group with an amazing bluesy style.  They caught the attention of the crowd from the moment the well-dressed lead singer hit the stage, sporting a dapper suit and cool shades. For young men, it was amazing how well they could pull off the Blues style.   Each one of them is perfect alone, but prodigious together.  You can find more about Pine Hills Trio on Twitter.

Photo by Stephanie Bartik

Annie in The Water blends a combination of many feel-good genres. You feel the Funk vibe immediately, then add a strong dose of Reggae mix in a bit of the Blues, and of course, top it off with Jam style.  This is definitely a band that is hard to describe in words but all about how they make you feel. There seems to be a positive energy to their music.  It makes you feel as if you are hanging out with all your best friends, with no drama, just peace and kindness.  All this makes for a great audience experience.  

The members of the band are; Brad Hester (Lead Vocals/Rhythm), Michael Lashomb (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Ryan Trumbull (Drums/Vocals), Chris Meier (Bass/Vocals), Matt Richards (Keys/Vocals), and Brock Kuca (Percussion/Vocals)



“Sun at Dawn” is out now! Listen on your favorite streaming service or head to their Bandcamp to purchase your own digital copy.

Photo Gallery by Stephanie Bartik

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