Local Artist Lily Buckley Says There Are No Rules

If you’ve recently walked through Stacks Espresso Bar on Lark St. in Albany or hit the Whiskey Pickle in Troy, you’ve seen some wonderfully particular art. The pieces are all from local artist Lily Buckley, who lives by the statement “there are no rules.” She started painting and creating professionally in 2017.

Buckley moved to the capital region at age 5 from Seattle, Washington with her family. She attended the Averill Park School system and took some art classes there.

I used to get points off of my papers for doodling on them in school, don’t doodle…

but I would anyway.

Lily Buckley

She said that she’s always been drawn to art, but that people – even some art teachers – have not always been receptive to her work. This doesn’t deter her from moving forward and taking opportunities as she sees them. Buckley has a studio in downtown Albany where she feels as though she’s successfully curated the artistic life she has always wanted for herself.

Buckley is interested in creating “experiences, an energy, a vibe.” She wants people to “come how they are” to experience her shows and connect over what might have brought them into that common space. Buckley is rather open to the idea of collaboration, especially with other artists; recently she started working on t-shirts with local lifestyle brand fifthplace.

“I have a lot of visions and goals and dreams,” said Buckley. “I do everything that feels good, I get this spark, I can’t explain it… but if I don’t get that feeling I don’t do it.”

Despite the recent experiences she has had as we emerge from the throes of the pandemic, Buckley does not want to be defined by making art. Just like she did not want to be defined by her work as a sterile processing technician at a local hospital or a barista at Bard & Baker (See her piece SPD Lily at Stacks). She wants to create a community of other local artists who have similar ideas and values about the importance of creation. Buckley tries to “feed her soul” every day with simple experiences and beautiful things.

“I truly believe everything happens how it’s supposed to,” said Buckley. “If you told me maybe even two years ago that I would be pursuing my art as hard I was, I would tell you you’re crazy.”

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