Ghent Playhouse to Put the Fun in “Fun Home” This Weekend

Just south of Albany, Ghent Playhouse will be mounting the 2015 Tony Award-winning Best Musical “Fun Home” the next two weekends. This show tells the story of self-proclaimed lesbian cartoonist Alison Bechdel’s coming out, and the death of her mortician father – who was also gay.

“The Theatre at Ghent is always one to try new things,” said Director Mike McDermott. “I had submitted a play to direct too, but they wanted to do a musical.”

The kids of the “Fun Home” – short for funeral home. / Ghent Playhouse

This show opens this weekend as a result of postponement from the initial COVID-19 shutdown. Some original cast members were not able to proceed, but the new cast members were welcomed with open arms.

“The show was already in such a great spot when I joined,” said Siobhan Shea, who plays Joan. “Everyone has been so fun to work with.”

A treat in this production: The roles of Big and Little Allison are a mother and daughter team. Roz and Helen Annely have worked on this show together, and help share the evolution of Bechdel’s character. This is something that Helen especially does not take lightly.

“I find the role very intimidating because I actually love Alison Bechdel,” said the elder Annely. “Her books are amazing… I want to do her justice because she deserves that justice.”

Jeffrey Jene, the actor who plays Bruce Bechdel, explained how the atypical subject matter does not mean that the show has a lack of relatability.

“If someone had explained this show to me… just generically, I’m not sure that I would have wanted to see it,” said Jene. “It’s something that you have to go watch and experience for yourself.”

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