Bound by Fate Brewing Introduces Lao Food to Capital Region

SCHUYLERVILLE – Bound by Fate Brewing is thrilled to announce the grand opening of Haan Lao at Bound by Fate Brewing, a Lao kitchen with full-time food offerings, on March 25, 2022.  The grand opening evening will feature music from Thom Powers at 6 pm on Friday, March 25, 2022, and the full Haan Lao menu.

Good beer and good food connect us to the past (including the history of Schuylerville and the history of our families), and to future friends and family and adventures yet to come, and so this partnership with Chef Boby Pradachith of Thip Khao in Washington, DC is the perfect next step for Bound by Fate Brewing.

Chef Boby Pradachith and Chef Tim Wooster

For the past month, Opening Chef Boby Pradachith and Head Chef Timothy Wooster (formerly of Jack’s Oyster House, Bonfiglio & Bread, and DA | BA) have been working to finalize Haan Lao’s menu and service and are so excited to announce the grand opening. Lao food is eaten family-style, with everyone at the table sharing plates and eating with their hands and this connection to the food and the people you share it with fits perfectly with the motivation behind Bound by Fate Brewing. 

With the arrival of the COVID pandemic, Bound by Fate Brewing started exploring offering food. Pam Pradachith-Demler, co-founder and CEO, was born in a refugee camp after her family left Laos and grew up in the Bay Area in California surrounded by Lao food prepared by her sister, Chef Seng, who is now Chef and Owner of DC-area Lao mainstays Thip Khao, Padaek, Hanumanh, and Sen Khao, and the founder of @laofoodmovement. Pam wanted to bring those flavors to Schuylerville to pair with the New York State Farm Beer that her husband, Co-Founder, and Head Brewer Brett Demler brews. 

Pam Pradachith-Demler, the co-founder of Bound By Fate Brewing, issued the following statement:

“I am so excited to share the flavors and food of my family heritage with our Bound By Fate community. When we first opened, our plan was to open a small taproom and sell our craft brews over the bar, but the pandemic forced us to rethink our business model. Today we have an expanded space and a full kitchen offering delicious beer-friendly food from my native country of Laos.

“The Demlers have a long-standing history with the craft beer industry and opening the farm brewery and taproom was a lifelong dream. My side of the family has a rich culinary tradition of multiple restaurateurs. I am so incredibly humbled and proud to be able to work alongside my sister Chef Seng and my nephew Chef Boby to bring this concept to life.”

Chef Boby Pradachith, Director of Operations/Co-Owner of Thip Khao and opening Chef for Haan Lao at Bound by Fate Brewing, said: 

“The general mission for our DMV-area restaurants has consistently focused on broadening our Lao food culture in the states. During our 12-year ongoing tenure, my mother, Chef Seng, has become a pioneer to many Laotian-Americans who have since opened Lao restaurants in their communities. I’ve been fortunate to see my aunt and uncle open their dream business in Schuylerville and move forward to present our native cuisine to this wonderful community. I graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in 2014 and am ecstatic to return to the upstate New York area to assist Bound by Fate Brewing in this new business expansion.”

Chef Timothy Wooster, Head Chef and Kitchen Manager for Haan Lao at Bound by Fate Brewing, said: 

“Bound by Fate Brewing has in many ways been an absolutely perfect marriage. The clear importance of bringing together community and family is felt from the moment you walk in the door and the pairing of delicious food and libations complements the atmosphere. The bold flavors introduced by Chef Boby and Chef Seng were quite literally the stuff of my dreams and I am incredibly grateful for this unique opportunity. I am absolutely over the moon to forge forward with this exciting new journey together.”

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