LIVE: Puss n Boots @ Lark Hall, 03/22/2022

The Lark Street Neighborhood in Albany was buzzing with excitement for the Tuesday night show of Puss N Boots at Lark Hall. Puss N Boots is an alternative country band, an all-female trio consisting of Sasha Dobson, Catherine Popper, and nine-time Grammy Award winner, Norah Jones. Despite the show being sold out, Lark Hall’s venue offers plenty of room for guests to spread out without feeling cramped. Lark Hall has been a welcome addition to the Capital Region’s growing list of venues within the past few years. 

The musicians took the stage a little after 8 pm as the crowd welcomed them on the second stop of their spring tour. They opened the show with “Jamola”, a desert energy tune with lots of plucking from Jones on lead guitar, Popper on bass, and a slow rhythm from Dobson on drums. A purely instrumental start giving the musicians a feel for the room. As the song ended, Dobson greeted the audience and couldn’t hide her giddiness to be performing in front of people again after the pandemic lockdown. 

Photo by Leif Zurmuhlen

Performing their title track “Sister”, containing wavy, soft surf guitar chords and a great intro that showcased their vocals perfectly. The musicians all have multi-instrumental skills which they displayed throughout the night but their vocal harmonies are beyond beautiful and are a major component of the group’s magic. Puss N Boots treated concertgoers to a few familiar covers such as The Band’s “Twilight” and Tom Petty’s “Angel Dream”. Jones showed strong vocals, belting out on “Don’t Know What It Means” for more hard rock and uptempo beat. “Sex Degrees of Separation” gave Dobson a spotlight for a twangy solo with canyon group crescendos. Popper took a moment to share her appreciation for her favorite songwriter, Paul Westerberg, and lead the band into his folksy tune, “It’s a Wonderful Lie” for a refreshing tribute. “The Razor Saw” was an acoustic trifecta with a hoppy rhythm. Afterward, Jones made her way to the drum kit for another slow jam called  “You and Me” which she credited to Dobson’s songwriting creativity. 

Lark Hall’s 300-person capacity made for an intimate show as the musicians shared stories and plenty of jokes with audience participation, in between each song for an unforgettable experience. The women were very comfortable on stage, demonstrating their strong, easy-going friendship and chemistry that heightened the music. The 90-minute set felt like a romantic western lullaby with a dash of adventure and Appalachia. The show ended with a mean and dirty “Down By The River” by Neil Young that got everyone grooving. Guests were treated to a double encore of “Leaving London”, performed acoustically making it a gentle wind down, only to lead into “Same Old Bullshit”, a slightly harder song with a rocking attitude. The night was a fusion of Americana, soft rock, endearing folk, and honky tonk pop, a must-see act that fills your heart.  

Photo Gallery by Leif Zurmuhlen

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