LIVE: Super 400 @ Troy Music Hall (Lift Concert Series), 03/23/2022

“This is an honor.  This is a bucket list for us!”, declared lead singer and guitarist for Super 400 Kenny Hohman regarding the Troy band playing their first-ever show at the historic hometown landmark The Troy Music Hall, obviously moved to take the stage where he had seen so many legendary performers as he was growing up. 

Photo by Leif Zurmuhlen

This very special, limited seating performance Wednesday night was part of The Lift Concert Series which presents performances of new, independent music featuring regional performers, curated by local artists Sam Torres and Sophia Subbayya Vastek. The audience was invited to enter the Hall through Franklin Alley, take the freight elevator to the backstage area, and be seated on stage with the musicians, creating a special concert experience. The concerts are designed to last about an hour and after the performance concert-goers are encouraged to enjoy the rest of the evening at one of Troy’s many restaurants or breweries.  Vastek explained, “To me, what’s so exciting about this series is that it’s such a unique experience-both to be able to hear local and regional groups in that hall, but also in the way that the music is presented with the audience on stage.  The atmosphere is intimate and informal.  It’s rare and special to be able to break down barriers like that at a concert hall of this size and stature.”  

The hard rock and blues band Super 400 is Kenny Hohman, guitar and vocals, Joe Daley on drums, and bassist Lori Friday.   The trio brings out a hybrid of power pop and classic rock that’s inspired by Cream, Jimi Hendrix, and the Allman Brothers. This year marks their 25 anniversary as a band, and in that time they have created a great history with the Capital Region and become homegrown rock and roll heroes.  With Hohman on acoustic guitar, Daley using brushes on his drum, Friday’s bass stack lowered, and tasteful keyboard accompaniment from special guest Frank Moscowitz the group was able to explore a quieter setlist of their original songs that they don’t always include in their live shows.  The rolling “Quiet Giant” was a stunner and the great hall was silent for just Hohman, his guitar and light keyboard swells on the haunting “Devil Song”.   A spectacular showcase for excellent songwriters and performers.  Freshly pressed vinyl of their classic albums “3 And The Beast” and “Blast The Message” were on sale for the first time at this show and are available now at

Photo by Leif Zurmuhlen

“How lucky are we to be here, safe in this building?”, asked bassist Lori Friday referring to the yellow and blue stage lighting in solidarity with the people of Ukraine as the band performed an achingly beautiful rendition of Traffic’s “Can’t Find My Way Home”.  Capital Region Creatives For Ukraine, in collaboration with the other members of the Capital Region Arts Restart Coalition, are raising awareness and funds for humanitarian aid in Ukraine.   Super 400 is donating every dollar from this sold-out show to humanitarian aid in Ukraine.  Razom for Ukraine’s Emergency Response initiative is providing critically needed medical supplies and aid to Ukrainians in need. Razom, in Ukrainian, means “together”.  This organization has delivered medical supplies, helped disabled children to evacuate, and provided life-saving measures and hope to many Ukrainian people.  Donate to Razom, Ukrainian Humanitarian aid here:

The next upcoming show in The Lift Series will be The Westerlies on May 25.  The Westerlies explore jazz, roots and chamber music influences to create music that is both “folk-like and composerly, lovely and intellectually rigorous” (NPR Music).  Equally, at home in concert halls and living rooms, The Westerlies navigate a wide array of venues and projects with the precision of a string quartet, the audacity of a rock band, and the charm of a family sing-along.  Don’t miss your chance for the limited tickets to this event at

Photo Gallery by Leif Zurmuhlen

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