Bre Morrissey is Albany’s Best Kept Pop Secret

Breanne “Bre” Morrissey made a splash in Albany the second she arrived from the south suburbs of Chicago, Illinois in 2018. 

Morrissey released her first album this past summer, ‘While You’ve Been Gone.’ This album is a story for her brother, Conor, who passed away while she was still in high school. 

“The album is about recovering from a loss and becoming yourself again,” said Morrissey of ‘While You’ve Been Gone’ and the concept behind it. “There is no time limit when it comes to healing… I don’t think I will ever be over his passing, but this album allows me to slightly move on from certain aspects of it and allows me to dive deep into other parts of my trauma and learn how to deal with those…”

She said that her brother is someone who lived life by his own terms, and he has taught her to live her own life in that same way. 

Bre Morrissey at the cover shoot for “While You’ve Been Gone.”

One of Morrissey’s well-known collaborators, Jorim Motley, better known as Pink Nois, was an integral part of this album. They connected her first semester in College. Morrissey flew him out to her home base in Chicago multiple times over the course of the project. 

“I think being in such a familiar place allowed Bre to be very comfortable and allowed her to open up more to me with ideas and concepts she wanted to focus on,” said Motley in a text message. The pair just released a new single, ‘Pining.’ “It was just a very comfortable and vulnerable experience that allowed for a lot of awesome music to be made and an amazing story to be told.”  

Bre is currently working on telling some new stories; what is lovingly referred to as ‘BM2’ is in the works. She is excited to share a new sound with her listeners – something with a little more edge and maturity. Bre cites her time in Korea both literally and thematically as influences in her new material.

The cover art for Bre’s single ‘Options.’ / Courtesy of Bre Morrissey

“Authenticity is so important to me,” said Morrissey. “In everything I do and present.”

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