Poet Caitlin Conlon Delivers With “The Surrender Theory”

Tucked away in the wonderfully unsuspecting I Love Books shop in Delmar, you might find Caitlin Conlon behind the counter. Friendly and kind with a smile you can see behind a mask, Conlon holds millions of stories: she’s a published poet. “The Surrender Theory” is Conlon’s freshman poetry collection debut, and it’s stunning, heart-aching work about grief in all of its facets.

Conlon hails from Buffalo, she recently moved with her fiancé to Albany in 2019. In the year before moving she published a chapbook of her poetry about a break-up that is also alluded to in “The Surrender Theory.” Caitlin said that she realized “The Surrender Theory” was a book in 2020; she had consecutively been writing about the same “3 to 4 things.”

Conlon standing in I Love Books in Delmar.

Conlon wants readers to know that this is an “especially honest” piece of work. She reminds the reader that grief is something that we all experience in our lives, and the closeness of the narrator in these poems is “very intentional.”

Writing is a craft that needs to be practiced…

It is self care or love, really, to commit to a craft.

Caitlin Conlon

Conlon says that she “is on to the next book.” She constantly writes, particularly with a group of fellow writers over Zoom. This is something positive that has come out of the pandemic for her; this group helps her “exercise that writing muscle.”

“It’s really easy to feel burnt out as a creator,” said Conlon. “I work to be mindful of my surroundings and listen to my heart for inspiration.”

Conlon will soon be hosting a writing workshop in Seattle, and is looking to host workshops in the 518 moving forward.

Conlon at the launch of “The Surrender Theory.”

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