LIVE: Inferior Decorators @ The Colony in Woodstock, 03/27/2022

Instead of watching the Oscars last night, there were other options. Among them was attending the debut performance of the Inferior Decorators. Experiencing the joy of improvising and playing yet-to-be-named musical compositions with a band. What else to expect from a band named the Inferior Decorators?

The band is a quartet of the Hudson Valley’s finest musicians who all play multiple genres of music. Led by bassist, sound engineer Scott Petito with fellow sound engineer guitarist Danny Blume, Jeff Lipstein on drums, and Tyler Wood on keyboards. The hour and a half set consisted of five yet-to-be unnamed compositions.

Additional effects were added by the use of computer-generated sounds, sequencers, and electronic effects including spoken word.  Numerous grooves including funky basslines, familiar prog-rock riffs such as “ Heart of the Sunrise”, minor-key calliope romps, and EDM as well as just explorations of soundscapes.

If you were not part of the sparse audience that experienced this music and don’t want to travel as far as Woodstock, there will be another chance to catch this band at the Avalon Lounge in Catskill on March 31st.  

Photo Gallery by Rudy Lu

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