LIVE: Soccer Mommy @ The Colony, Woodstock, 03/28/2022

This past Monday night, March 28th, Sophia Allison, better known by her stage name of Soccer Mommy, blew her Woodstock audience away the minute she stepped out onto the stage. The beautiful and intimate venue of the Colony, where her performance took place, ultimately helped fans feel much more connected to Soccer Mommy and her indie rock-rooted songs. 

To start the evening off with a bang, Soccer Mommy opened powerfully with her song “Bloodstream,” which can be found on the album Color Theory, which had been released in 2020. 

When previously speaking about this specific song, “Sophia” had stated how it took a while to finish because it was a song “about being in a dark and empty place.” 

The emotions that Soccer Mommy had wanted to convey through this meticulously lyricized song certainly shone through tonight, as almost every fan was singing along, and truly processing what they were hearing. 

Mixed in with these heavy emotions came to some fun banter and audience engagement. Sophia made sure to introduce all four of her fellow band members and ensured they received the praise from the audience that they deserved. 

As the concert carried on, Soccer Mommy continued with a pristine setlist that included songs such as “Last Girl,” “Henry,” “Lucy,” and “Night Swimming,” which came off all three of her albums For Young Hearts, Clean, and Color Theory.

Sophia added a few unexpected but needed songs such as an outstanding cover of “Dagger,” originally done by “Slowdrive,” along with her single “Shotgun,” which was just recently released earlier this March. 

“Shotgun” proved to the audience that a new era was coming for Soccer Mommy. Her new album, “Sometimes, Forever,”  which includes this new single, will be released on June 24th of 2022. This soon-to-be-released album is a major step for Sophia in regard to her career as a whole, and based on the reaction received from her audience tonight for the song “Shotgun,” there is no doubt that this album as a whole will do very well.

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