Local Rockers Gracies Paris Return to the Studio and Stage

Troy rock band Gracies Paris has returned to the studio and is ready to hit Pauly’s Hotel in Albany. Friday, April 29 they will share the stage with The Hard Luck Souls, The Grandstand Jockeys, and The Tradition. Frontman and founding member Carl Ferritto tells us in his own words about the beginning to the current status of Gracies Paris.

“I guess it all started with me and a guitar in my living room trying to write songs realizing quickly that I needed and wanted help. It’s a bit easier to write a song on my own now but when I started I definitely could use some help”. That’s when Eric and Carl started talking,   They already knew each other ( kinda) but when Carl found out that Eric was a drummer he invited him over and they hit it off right away and the songs started to breathe a little life. Ferritto adds “We did that “white strips” thing for a while before we started looking for a bass player.  We luckily ended up with Mark Connor (from The Wait) in the band. He is a great guy and an awesome musician.  I learned a lot about song structure from him.  Before we had the chance to do anything as a group outside of the basement Mark was moving south. But before he left he introduced us to Randy, another great musician who immediately became the “new guy”.

”It’s really hard to find a bass player and we were lucky enough to have two great ones. The three of us started rehearsing our asses off (5 days a week) recording with Tim Lynch and playing any gig we could get.  We did that all the way until 2012. We were all feeling a bit burnt out and Randy was moving out of the country so Eric and I decided to take a break for a month or so 

and then go back to looking for another bass player”, states Ferritto.  Well, ten years later Randy moved back home and hit Carl up that he wanted to do something again so he reached out to Eric who said yes before he could finish asking him.  Ferritto adds “I had always wanted another guitarist in the band and we did audition a few guys originally, all great player’s just not the right fit.  I had always wanted my buddy Steve in the band but at that time he wasn’t available but he was this time around so we’re now a four-piece which I think is great!     It’s kinda weird to me because songs that I consider old are new to the people hearing them because well, not many people heard them I suppose”.   

As for new songs, Ferritto is writing at a nice steady pace with plenty of inspiration after a bad break up of 8 yrs. Also Randy and Steve are bringing great song ideas to the table so the band has  plenty of material to work on,  “We’re working on 3 new songs with Tim Lynch  as we speak  and I can’t wait to get the newest ones started as well. Ya know how writers say ” I wrote that in 5 minutes ”  I always thought they were full of shit until I did it myself. I guess that’s what stress and inspiration can do for you. I definitely can’t wait to get that one recorded,  kind of a funny story behind that one but that’s for another day! We hope to play a few good gigs this year, we’re definitely willing to travel,  we prefer quality over quantity as far as gigs. We are having a great time just rehearsing and recording new songs”. Says Ferrito.

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