Troy Foundry’s The Broken Record and The Oddity Adds “Industry Performance” April 4

The Broken Record and The Oddity has been selling out their “sound and performance installation” – and rightfully so. The immersive and rich performance art piece presents a sensory stimulation that this writer has never experienced anything like before, and provided a reminder of the beauty of friendship. In an attempt to share this feeling with more participants, Troy Foundry Theatre has added an extra performance this upcoming Monday, April 4.

The Broken Record and the Oddity is performed by Morgan Hayward, Raya Malcom, and Travis Wright.

“Many of our friends in local restaurants here in Troy… bartenders, waitstaff, are artists,” said David Girard, artistic director after the sold out April Fools Day performance. “We want to let them have an experience like the one you had this evening.”

And so they shall. This Monday’s performance is open to anyone, but was designed with the local service industry workers in mind. Girard explained that these folks have expressed interest in supporting, but have not had the chance due to local theatre operating on a weekend-based schedule.

Tickets are $25 plus online fees, and can be purchased here.

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