Hometown heroes Stellar Young return to the stage

Waking up this week to find out that Stellar Young will be hitting the stage on April 29 at SingleCut in Clifton Park was a surprise to us all.   Well Stellar Young you have upstate New York’s undivided attention.  “We are walking into this slow and are trying something different. We put the event online and it organically spread around quick” says guitarist Erik Flora. Tune in Monday, April 11 at 7:00 pm as we go live with Stellar Young on Capital Underground TV via Nippertown’s Facebook, Youtube, and Twitch.

Both on record and live Stellar Young was love at first listen. Crafting timeless masterpieces and intoxicating melodies made them unforgettable. A respected band by all and to be honest most of us assumed they were gone, well we were wrong.  Stellar Young released their debut album, “Everything At Once”, in 2013,  In late 2014, the band released their sophomore album, “Vessels”, which included singles “Nomad” and “Hitting Reset.”   Stellar Young (Tulip Fest) and (Alive At Five) alumni and a long list of performances to add to their impressive resumes. The group spent much of the 2015-2019 year writing and conceptualizing a series of existential EPs. The first, “The Spark Caught”, was released in September 2016 and was followed by a U.S. tour. “Double Lives” has over 200k streams on Spotify.  “Became A Flame”, the second EP, was released in September 2017 & their final EP, “And Turned To Ash”, was released in May 2019.

Friday, April 29, 5:00 pm  SingleCut North Live Music Series: What to Expect A captivating blend of atmospheric indie-rock and upbeat post-punk, Stellar Young finds the root of their work inspired by the human condition. The Albany, New York-based group features John Glenn (vox/keys), Erik Flora (guitar/vox), Kyle Hatch (guitar), and Tim Brosnan (drums). Together the members work to create the most accurate portrayal of key moments in life that everyone understands but often can’t explain. The evening will feature sets with Camtron5000, your new favorite rapper, as well as Erik F playing his favorites. Stellar Young will be performing alternate versions of their songs for a more intimate setting.

Event Invite https://www.facebook.com/events/1417568475369366

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