It’s Local 518 Thursday on WEXT! April 14th

It’s Local 518 Thursday! Click on the artist/band and song featured on the WEXT Radio Local 518 Show to find out more about them, and support them by listening to & purchasing the songs. Miss the show? Listen to it and previous ones at the WEXT Radio Local 518 Show webpage. Have music you want us to hear? Submission guidelines can be found at the webpage link too. Send us stuff!

Tonight at 11:00 pm on WEXT Radio, discover some new music by bands on this playlist…

Mike Grutka – “Listen
Fielder – “Sweet Sixteen
The Splitting – “So Surreal
The Scurves – “Liberty Bell
Saucer – “Green Light
The Pine Boys – “Cruise

The Attic Classic: In the early ’90s, when the trio 500 Hats played live, it wasn’t unusual to see bassist Chris Peifer and guitarist Matt Williams switch instruments as drummer Phil Lanz kept the beat. It would have been pretty awesome if they had made a flying switch mid-song across a stage. But given the size of some of the places they played, a miscalculation would have had serious consequences – and broke the momentum of any number of their songs, an eclectic and diverse catalog offering views of the world, grounded with unique off-kilter grooves.

Over the course of a few years, 500 Hats recorded two albums and a single. In 2015, on the 20th anniversary of the band, they released a collection that included all their recorded material plus live tracks and videos from their final show – digitized from then state-of-the-art VHS tape.

The Attic Classic comes from that collection. “Working Week” first appeared on the ‘Parade & Pendulum’ album.

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