LIVE: The Burning Sun/Lip Talk/Kalbells @ No Fun 04/15/2022

Everyone seemed to be having fun at No Fun in Troy on Friday night, grooving to a Super Dark Collective show starting off with the Burlington, Vermont indie-rock trio The Burning Sun led by Katy Hellman who easily traded instruments with guitarist Bo Malcom and drummer Steven LeBel before reclaiming her place behind the bass.  Unusual rhythm changes and dreamy guitar tones combined for some trippy pop and psychedelic rock as the band performed songs from their recent release “Marrow”.

Photo by Leif Zurmuhlen

Sounding like some secret love child of Vince Clarke and Kate Bush, all alone and squeezing beats and bleats out of a pair of keyboards and various electronics, Lip Talk enchanted with her quirky vocal stylings.  Lip Talk is the sobriquet of Sarah Pedinotti, former Saratoga Springs resident and erstwhile lead singer of the Railbird.  Sarah is an experimental pop producer, multi-instrumentalist, and singer-songwriter now based in Brooklyn, NY.  In 2021 Lip Talk created eight music videos for her sophomore album “Laughing & Eating Cake”.

Photo by Leif Zurmuhlen

Lip Talk was back on bass, keys and vocals as one-fourth of the Brooklyn-based Kalbells, a side project of Kalmia Traver the lead singer of Rubblebucket.  Singing, synthing and saxing their way through tunes from their second album “Max Heart”, Kalbells had the room swaying to their sunny, funky, danceable indie-pop.  Angelica Bess shared lead vocals with Traver on the spaced-out “Purplepink”.  “Cool and Bendable” was something special.  Traver drew a cheer with her introduction of one tune, “This is a song about multiple orgasms!”  Whimsical, feminine, sweet and sarcastic with layered vocal harmonies, Kalbells provided a joyful, upbeat evening.  Traver has said, “We want to corner the queer jam market.”  Mission accomplished.

Photo Gallery by Leif Zurmuhlen

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