Upcoming Artist Series: Ethan Crowley

I listened to Ethan Crowley’s song “Losing My Mind” and saw a really raw, honest performer who sings with heart.  To me, that is a beautiful thing to see. 

I talked to Ethan recently and am so impressed by this talented young man. He has always had a love of music beginning when he was 5 years old.  When he was in middle school he played the “Beast” in Beauty and the Beast and from then on he knew he was meant to be a performing artist for the rest of his life.  The “rush” from that performance has carried him through to his current status of being a multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, and music producer. 

Ethan, 17, is from Saratoga Springs and plays out locally at places such as Rafferty’s, Peddler’s, and Saratoga Farmer’s Market.  He has a bunch of shows coming up this summer.  His new single is currently being played on local radio, 102.7FM, WEQX. This summer Ethan also has a full-length album coming out!  He is incredibly proud and excited about this accomplishment.  He has worked hard in his music studio producing the album and has had some help from some very talented mixing and mastering engineers. He primarily works with Jeff Sojka, who mixes his stereo tracks, mastering engineer Tess Greenham and Dolby Atmos surround sound mix engineer Chris Perry.

The piano is his main instrument but he also plays guitar, bass, drums and ukulele. When I asked Ethan to describe his musical style he said, “I don’t like boxing myself into one type of genre.  I write songs whenever I am feeling a lot of some type of emotion, so they are always slightly different. “Most of his music he describes as “mainstream, with elements of reggae, jazz and synth-pop”.

I asked Ethan what inspires him as a musician and he said that he is especially inspired by his parents who are the most important people in his life.  They have always been his biggest supporters and made him feel comfortable enough to be able to creatively express himself because of their incredible love and support.  

He is inspired by a lot of things.  Sometimes it could be a long road trip, or other times he’ll be sitting in his room looking at the ceiling and something will pop into his head.  He tries to always keep his mind open and alert for new ideas and inspiration because you never know where it will come from.  Inspiration is everywhere!

One artist that Ethan looks up to is FINNEAS.  “He is an exceptionally talented artist I really look up to.  He inspired me to start writing and producing my own music.”

Of course, Ethan has other hobbies such as juggling, swimming and working out. He thinks it’s important to have a healthy body to aid a healthy mind. He joked with me that if he could do something with no fear of failure he’d like to try juggling chainsaws!  He’s been juggling for years, although I’d prefer he sticks to something safer like oranges or tennis balls!!

This year has him beginning school down in New York City, majoring in music technology at NYU!  He’s super excited about this new chapter in his life.  He is excited to meet new people, live in NYC and make music of his own and help other artists create music.

He is hoping to have a summer of packed performances. You can check him out at https://www.ethancrowleyofficial.com/ and sign up for his newsletter. You can also see his music video for “Losing My Mind” there!

I am so excited for Ethan and his accomplishments and can’t wait to see this incredibly talented performer and what he does in the future!

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