Albany Funny Bone Presents “America’s Favorite Husband” Comedian Steve Treviño

Texas native Steve Treviño is quickly becoming one of the country’s fastest-rising stars of the comedy world, embodying the title of “America’s Favorite Husband.” America’s Favorite Husband is also the name of his upcoming theater tour, announced less than a week ago, which kicks off in August. Prior to his theater tour, Trevino is playing clubs, including four shows at Albany Funny Bone on April 29-30.

Steve has been viewed over 223 million times as of 2022, selling out shows coast-to-coast, amassing over 2 million total social media followers, headlining specials for Amazon, NETFLIX, and Showtime and a once-in-a-century pandemic comedy special, My Life In Quarantine, now available on Amazon

A proud Mexican American comic, Treviño’s material is for all Americans, in the vein of Ray Romano, Kevin James or Jim Gaffigan. When he’s not mowing his own lawn, dodging his wife’s requests or comparing his life to that of his children, Treviño is regularly on the road, touring over 250 shows a year around the world. With lockdown after lockdown taking place during the pandemic, Steve had to get creative, coming up with alternative ways to provide an income for his family. Steve’s tongue-in-cheek humor came in handy for a newly-created podcast he co-hosts with his wife Renae, whom he lovingly refers to as Captain Evil. The podcast, Steve Treviño & Captain Evil: The Podcast, now in Season 3, has over 1.5 million views/streams, finding the clever couple discussing the highs and lows of marriage and raising kids.

As the newest voice for the 21st century Mexican American, Steve Treviño is breaking the mold on both cultural barriers and comedic material. Finding his way from a Hispanic upbringing in a small town in Southern Texas to living his dream in Hollywood, Treviño’s comedy infuses his “TEX-MEX” sensibility and stories of his family, while as a performer, his uniquely American voice transcends ethnicity, making him universally relatable. Steve also very much cares for his community and giving back, using his celebrity to help people in need, while being a positive force for change.

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