Photo Gallery: Apocalyptica / Lacuna Coil @ Empire Live, 04/30/2022

On April 30th, Apocalyptica visited Empire Live in Albany on their Cell-0 Tour. Alongside them opening the show was the Italian gothic metal band Lacuna Coil. Empire live filled quickly as the doors opened, everyone waiting for the lights to dim signaling the show was starting. The time came and the lights dimmed. Empire live lit up with screams as the lights began to change to stage lights as Lacuna Coil made their way to the stage.

Photo by Nick Dicocco

The first song was “Blood, Tears, and Dust”. The combined forces of lead singers Christina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro are truly something to witness. In their 28 years, they have truly honed their stage presence. Chistina Scabbia thanked everyone for coming to their show.  “We have missed you ” she said as they started their next song. They played a wide variety of songs from each Album. The night started heavy and it was going to be a hard opener to beat but Apocalyptica being the headliner knew what a good pairing these two bands would be together.

Photo by Nick Dicocco

Apocalyptica made its way to the stage with a roar from the crowd. The set began with the explosive song “Ashes”. The lighting was amazing during their performance. Each song is tailored with different themes of lights and mesmerizing colors. What’s cool about Apocalyptica is some of their songs are just instrumental so you really get to hear the cellos. During the songs that were not instrumental, they had Franky Perez step in. Former guitarist for Scars On Broadway. Apocalyptica has been around for almost 30 years. They originally were a group of classically trained Cellists, who all had a deep love for Metallica. They started as a classical Metallica cover group. But then they eventually morphed into their own breed of stardom.

Lacuna Coil Setlist

  • 1. Blood, Tears, Dust
  • 2. Trip the Darkness
  • 3. Reckless
  • 4. Apocalypse
  • 5. Layers of Time
  • 6. Heaven’s a Lie
  • 7. Save Me
  • 8. Veneficium
  • 9. Our Truth
  • 10. Nothing Stands in Our Way

Apocalyptica Setlist

  • 1. Ashes
  • 2. Path
  • 3. Grace
  • 4. Jesus
  • 5. Not Strong
  • 6. Rise
  • 7. Scream
  • 8. Mayhem
  • 9. I’ll get through
  • 10. Shadowmaker
  • 11. I don’t Care
  • 12. Nothing
  • 13. Inquisition
  • 14. Seek
  • 15. Farwell/Mountain King

Photo Gallery by Nick Dicocco

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