LIVE: Orrin Evans Trio @ The Falcon, 05/01/2022

The Sunday Jazz @ the Falcon series continued with the performance of the Orrin Evans Trio

Orin is a well-known pianist in the jazz community who has accompanied artists as diverse as Don Byron, Bobby Watson, and Duane Eubanks, recently as a member of the Bad Plus along with his own trios and leading the Captain Black Big Band.

He treated the audience to a set of originals. There was a lot of laughing and smiling all over, as the members of the trio are old friends and are just happy to be playing again.

Drummer Vince Ector has known Orrin for 30 years and they have frequently played together. Bassist Luques Curtis has known Orrin for 20 years, they have also played together, but they have not played as a trio frequently.

Orrin is a dramatic player with great control of dynamics. His playing can range from melodic to exotic.  He would on occasion quickly turn his head to one side to visually accentuate his notes. He even sang on the set closer “Blessed One, Eternal Truth”. Dedicated to the late Tony Falco.

Luques is a subtle player. He is an active listener, listening to both of his bandmates and carefully selects the notes and the manner that he plays, never intruding into the band’s performance. 

Vince Ector is similar, he is not a power drummer, filling in subtly in between the notes, making the band’s sound full and robust.

To the audience, this was a satisfying end to the weekend and for those who work on Monday, a nice warm-up for the week to come.

Orrin Evans – Piano
Luques Curtis – Bass
Vince Ector – Drums


  1. Two Stepping Be Gone
  2. You Don’t Need a License to Drive
  3. Don’t Read No Shit About Me
  4. Smiling and Laughing
  5. Feed the Fire
  6. Professor Farworthy
  7. Blessed One, Eternal Truth

Photo Gallery by Rudy Lu

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