Above Ground Podcast #152, Island of Misfits with Dr. A, the Misfit Therapist

Dr. A, aka the Misfit Therapist, has become real comfortable not fitting in. Her realness and rawness helps her propel mental wellness forward. Both in private practice and on her podcast the Misfit Therapist. Buckle your chinstraps kids, the misfits are taking over the island.

Dr. A is a fiery redheaded Cuban woman, mother of a two-legged wonder, daughter, and the most amazing best friend. Dr. A thinks access to mental health treatment comes down to money, insurance and the rights of the individual. 

Do you feel heard, respected and understood? If those needs aren’t met, that should be a deal-breaker. Dr. A will not work harder than you. She is comfortable with the smell of her own shit, are you? Building coping mechanism muscles is a workout that we should all learn. She power-lifted herself out and she can coach you to also. 

We need to ask more questions and the first being, why? Why this diagnosis? Why this medication? Why should I seek therapy? These little nuggets of information are valuable for propelling you forward in your recovery. 

Dr. A can be found on the internet at the following addresses,




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Until we meet again get well, be safe and Stay ABOVE

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