LIVE: Adam O’Farrill @ The Falcon, 05/08/2022

Adam O’Farrill is a 3rd generation jazz musician. His grandfather Chico O’Farrill, was a composer and a leading proponent of Afro-Cuban Jazz and was primarily active in the 60s.

His father Arturo, succeeded his father in leading the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra and as a piano player. Adam has chosen to continue the family’s musical tradition but has chosen to branch out to more abstract styles and is presently leading his own quartet.

Photo by Rudy Lu

The name Stranger Days was inspired by Albert Camus’ novel and the band in many ways lived up to the name. The music was enigmatic and dynamic. At times, the music would start out slowly, almost tantalizing the audience for what was to come with Adam and saxophonist Xavier DelCastillo playing solo, in unison, or in harmony slowly building in volume and intensity. 

As he jokingly and deprecatingly says, he is a child of the 90s. He clearly reflected that with the cover of a Ryuchi Sakamoto composition often heard on video games “Staktra” and his own composition “Requiem to the 90s”.

Adam’s older brother Zack and bassist Walter Stinson formed a solid rhythm section. Both “in the pocket “ in the traditional sense and being able to subtly lay downshifting rhythms as the music required. Zack supplemented the traditional drum kit with a Cajon. They were both featured prominently in a quick take on the Miles Davis classic from 1963 “ Seven Steps to Heaven”.

Photo by Rudy Lu

It was hard to write about this performance as it broke many barriers yet in a very subtle way. My best attempt to describe the music would be this chamber music if Charles Mingus was to play it.  (Title track Stranger Days has been described as a Mingue exploration of the Camus novel) Adam and his band have a unique approach to music. Not always throwing everything they have into the music, but letting the music flow.

At only 27 years old, Adam O’Farrill is certainly a trumpeter to watch for.

Photo Gallery by Rudy Lu

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