It’s Local 518 Thursday on WEXT! May 19th

It’s Local 518 Thursday! Click on the artist/band and song featured on the WEXT Radio Local 518 Show to find out more about them, and support them by listening to & purchasing the songs. Miss the show? Listen to it and previous ones at the WEXT Radio Local 518 Show webpage. Have music you want us to hear? Submission guidelines can be found at the webpage link too. Send us stuff!

Tonight at 11:00 pm on WEXT Radio, I’ve got a great collection of songs to share with you. On the playlist…
Shane Bargy – “Where the Wild Things Are
Om Quillio – “Evergreen
Warden & Co. – “Middle of Madness
Shane Guerrette – “How Was I To Know
New American Cuisine – “Drop
Annie in the Water – “Turnaround
Hilltop – “Tell Me

The Attic Classic:  Singer and songwriter Randy Mauger is a long-time fixture on the local music scene, having performed for over five decades. His life experiences and personal observations have informed his original songs, which he’s focused upon for the last 25 years.

In 2021, Randy released ‘Make Them All Smile,’ the title of a track on the album and a reference to an attitude to have when performing for others, whether it be covers or originals. The collection of 10 songs spans the many years he’s been writing his own and covers a range of styles.

The Attic Classic “Here I Go” dates back to 1992. As Randy explains, the song is a reflection on the two occupations he knew the most about back then, truck driving and music, and the realization that both provided benefits that one occupation or the other wouldn’t by itself.

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