Five Questions with Rose Biggerstaff

Capital Region theater offers myriad opportunities to perform and collaborate. This weekend, I grabbed the chance to appear in “An Evening of Performances” directed and produced by Rose Biggerstaff whom I had long admired to support Thearse McCalmon’s run for State Senate in the 46th District. I emailed 5 quick questions to get to know Rose better.  

So, of all the hats you wear-performer, director, stage crew, how and why did you get into producing and what does it entail for you?

When I was in college I had a professor mention I might be good at producing. I produced for the theater club at school which entailed procuring the rights- scheduling and budget etc. From there the role involved oversight and making sure the show went up as well as handling marketing. After college every show I’ve produced I’ve also directed so it’s been a little different and I’ve gotten to be more hands-on with the production- like with this one. 

What’s the play or musical that changed your life and how?

Producing and directing my first musical, Bare: A Pop Opera in college (SUNY Oneonta) changed my whole view on theater. Creating an event from the ground up in two weeks was exhilarating. The long hours- the late nights- working together with such a great team- all of it. I fell in love and I’ve been doing it ever since. Before then I had really only acted and this experience inspired me to branch out and I’m so glad I did. 

What excites you most about Capital Region theater?

The most exciting thing about capital region theater is the love. People here really love what they do and it shows. 

Coming out of the pandemic, what is your favorite experience of theater’s indomitability to survive

Covid theater has been a monster! Keeping productions running safely had always been in the forefront of my mind. Lots of Clorox and hand sanitizer! 

For me just the sheer fact that theater found a way to survive the pandemic has been amazing to watch. Companies adapted and found new ways to create and distribute their art. I loved every time I saw a new creative way to film or edit a piece. I think my favorite creation was the drive-in drag show. Having an audience come see live shows drive in style was so innovative and fun! It’s been inspiring to watch. Hopefully moving forward the Covid theater experience will inspire other producers, directors, and actors to think outside the box! 

What can people expect to see Friday night?

Friday night expect food, music, and a good time for all! We have singers, spoken word, live music and much more! And it’s all in support of a local woman trying to live her dreams. What could be better? Can’t wait to see you there! 

An Evening of Performances
Friday 5/27 at 7 pm
Taj Mahal Restaurant,
820 Eastern Ave Schenectady 12305

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