Unsigned518 Podcast #6, Seth Biskind of Headless Relatives

I sat down with Seth Biskind of Headless Relatives, not just to discuss his music, but to discuss how much he has been doing to help promote other 518 bands.

We talk about his start in music and how his love of music manifested. We also discuss some of the 518 bands that he is really excited about. We play a few tracks from Seth’s various projects, as well as a track from Nathan Meltz and the house of tomorrow, a band from Troy that Seth has been digging. Seth is a very interesting dude that has done an incredible amount of work to help elevate the 518 music scene.

Relevant Links: 

Nathan Meltz and the House of Tomorrow – Bucky Larson Blues 

Headless Relatives – Sanguinaria  

Good Morning Little Horror – Corpse Blossom: 
Headless Relatives on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/headlessrelatives/

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