Unsigned518 Podcast #8, Tiger Paw of The Battenkillers

I don’t tend to focus on cover bands, even though I don’t have anything against them, but The Battenkillers are super-talented musicians and I think the 518 needs to know about them.

The Battenkillers are a Killers tribute band and do the songs very, very well. I sat down with Tiger Paw, the mastermind and frontman of The Battenkillers, to discuss the band’s origins, some upcoming gigs and whether or not the band will be writing original music in the future. 

Even if The Killers aren’t your thing, give The Battenkillers a try. They put on a hell of a show, always have fun and always make sure the crowd has fun too!

The Battenkillers will be at Great Flats Brewing on Saturday, June 11th with America Offline.

The Battenkillers on Instagram  https://www.instagram.com/thebattenkillers/

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