Above Ground Podcast #156, Getting Real on the Road to Mental Wellness with Jon Arenburg

Anything is possible when you’re brave enough to rush into a burning building and save others.  Another version of bravery is confronting your own dragons, taming them, and bringing them out for others to learn from. Jon Arenburg is a retired firefighter, dragon tamer, and teacher of putting out the mental fires. 

Jon Arenburg states every call wore away his mental resilience. Jon found himself trapped in the hell of PTSD and needed to break the unwritten rule of silence. Silence in his case had become impossible. Jon’s suffering had become unbearable and he was unable to make order out of the chaos that had spread throughout his mind. 

Comfort is not a firewall to protecting our mentals. It’s an accelerant to set fire to one’s own life. Being uncomfortable is the way. The way to break the silence and break out from the burning building.  It’s time for stress debriefs of sorts. 

Gratitude and helping others have become John’s extinguisher to fighting these many blazes. His blog and book, The Road to Mental Wellness are lights in the smoke-filled dark. Jon’s voice will help you find your way out. It’s time to stop, drop and roll. 

Jon Arenburg is a blogger and author and was in the fire service for fifteen years and also worked in long-term care for twenty. Jon resides with his partner and two children in Nova Scotia.

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