Photo Gallery: GWAR/Goatwhore/Nekrogoblikon/The Native Howl @ Empire Live, 06/12/2022

GWAR landed their mothership at Empire Live for an extreme night of debauchery. I was told by officials not to comment on the slaying of an Empire Live security guard that took place in front of Empire Live earlier in the day. One thing you can learn from it is. Don’t drop GWAR’s equipment or they will slaughter you. Plain and simple. They are usually very nice creatures but just don’t piss them off.

The night started with The Native Howl and to be honest it could have ended with them. Don’t get me wrong all the other bands on the bill were great that night. But bluegrass metal is just something you can’t ignore. They killed every song they played that night. This small group of guys from Detroit has really created something special. I wouldn’t be surprised at all seeing their headline shows at Empire Live in the near future. The other bands like Nekrogoblikon and Goatwhore really amped you up for the bloodbath that would ensue with the Scumdogs of the Universe.

GWAR started their set with the well-known “Let Us Slay” the crowd was wild with anticipation for Slayings to come through the night. Blood spewed from the stage throughout the night and GWAR sounded great. They are still going strong after 38 years, they played a variety of old songs along with some new ones off their new album “The New Dark Ages”. After the night was over and all the blood was spilled they made their way back to the mothership conveniently parked on top of Empire Live and shot off to destroy another galaxy. See ya GWAR. Until next time.

Photo Gallery by Nick Dicocco

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