Unsigned518 Podcast #11, Mike Grutka

Andy and Mike talk about his musical upbringing, and his musical career and gain some insight into his mixing and engineering knowledge. Mike is a great songwriter with a catalog that goes back nearly two decades. But not only that, his Mastering skills can be used to help any local band sound like they are a major-label star. He even has a better rate for unsigned bands.

One listen to Mike’s songs and you can tell that he has the talent to be heard on a national level. Mike even tells the story about when he was huge in St. Louis. Like, could book an arena show, huge.

Relevant Links:

Mike Grutka website – https://www.mikegrutkamusic.com/

Mike Grutka Bandcamp – https://mikegrutka.bandcamp.com/

Mike Grutka instagram – https://www.instagram.com/mikegrutkamusic/

Mike Grutka Song links – https://ffm.bio/main

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