The Clay People release 6th studio album “Cult Hypnotica” today

Having toured with Disturbed, Stained, Clutch, Rob Zombie, Static X, Stabbing Westward, and Filter, Albany-based electronic-industrial veterans The Clay People are dropping their sixth studio full-length, Cult Hypnotica, today. Earlier this week, they released its title track along with a high-energy performance video. Lead singer Daniel Neet has described the group’s sound as an attempt to find “common ground between electronic acts like the Chemical Brothers and the dark bravado of bands like TOOL.”

The single takes on “the tongue of the modern demagogue, the ills of groupthink, and the band’s experience with the music industry,” according to the band. It’s an apt representation of the album write large, which delves into “the onslaught of misinformed media, religion misinformation, the corruption of political agents, and the use of technology to control human behavior and societal control.”

Drummer Dan Dinsmore has ensured that won’t be relying on suits behind a desk to oversee the release of the album. Overit is an award-winning creative and tech agency founded by Dinsmore in 1993 that has grown out of the basement into an industry-leading design firm.

Neet admits that for the first time the influential band that he started first as a dark pop band, morphed into an electronic industrial act and finally was forged into a force of nature that he carried on his back for years is now being shepherded by his bandmates in guitarist Brian McGarvey and Dinsmore.

The release of Cult Hynotica will be accompanied by a full release of the band’s back catalog, a series of music videos, and, perhaps most importantly, a return to the stage.

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