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Or at least head over to the WEXT Radio webpage and show some love. On this date 15 years ago, local radio got so much better. That’s when Exit 97.7 WEXT arrived, with the first song to be played by The Kamikaze Hearts. Thank you to all the listeners & supporters that help us remain eclectic, unique, and diverse. We heart you!

Tonight at 11:00pm on WEXT Radio, it’s a gem of a playlist…

North Side Sound – “Rain
The Cast Before The Break – “From a Pedestal
We’re History – “Stoners
Seize Atlantis – “Atlas Shrugged
Angelina Valente – “Steady Your Heart
Sunday Scaries – “Lucid

The Attic Classic:  Local rock trio EVEN THE ODD were among a long parade of bands heading to Mitch Easter’s Drive-In Studio in Winston-Salem North Carolina. Sergio Sericolo (guitars & vocals), Dave Rinaldi (bass) and Barry Breckinridge (drums) made the trip for their self-titled debut album. While there’s a bit of the jangly pop rock you would expect from an Easter produced album, other offbeat style elements were added to the band’s straight-forward rock sound by guest musician contributions.

Another album came from the band in 1991. ‘Medicine Man’ was recorded and released on Albany’s Blue Lunch Records label, reflecting a change in sound from their debut. It was also their last album, as Even The Odd disbanded sometime after.

The Attic Classic is “What It Means To Lie,” a track from the debut vinyl album.

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