Everclear World of Noise 30th Anniversary Tour at Frog Alley

90’s alternative rock hitmakers Everclear will be taking the Frog Alley stage in Schenectady this coming Friday, July 15. Everclear had a string of hits starting with the release of their sophomore album Sparkle and Fade in 1995. Tracks like “Santa Monica” and “Father of Mine” struck a chord with listeners and really cemented Art Alexakis and company as one of the better bands of the late 90s and early 2000s. In all, they had twelve singles land on the Billboard charts, sold over six million records, and had four releases certified gold or platinum.

Everclear is touring in celebration of the 30th Anniversary of their debut record, World of Noise. The record, recorded for around $400 in a friend’s basement and released on an independent label didn’t make many waves back in 1992. It is however a stellar record. World of Noise laid the foundation for the hit records that followed. Alexakis showcased his lyrical prowess and love of loud guitars on the record. The gravel of his voice and the raw intensity that he would become famous for was already on display in 1992. World of Noise is available on streaming services for the first time – give it a listen, and thank me later.

Fellow 90s artists Fastball and The Nixons will be opening the show. Frog Alley Brewing is becoming quite the entertainment venue, bringing in many high-end tours. Don’t sleep on this one.

Photo Credit: Ashley Osborn

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