Celebrating Saratoga’s Summer Nights with Erin Harkes on Putnam Place’s New Patio

The Erin Harkes Band christened Putnam Place‘s new patio on Friday night with a full night of cover and original tunes that had the place on its feet. Dancing across the newly expanded patio, complete with ferns, fireplaces, and lots of comfortable seating, Saratogian fans grooved to Harkes’ expansive repertoire of music, often dancing alongside the singer and band members.

Putnam Place has long been a great scene for live music, and with another local bar struggling with its liquor license, they’ve clearly established themselves as the place to celebrate summer. 

The Erin Harkes Band is a full band, complete with sax, trumpet, keyboard, and guitars, that played music ranging from famous musician The Weeknd to Prince, with everything (and I mean everything) in between. Harkes pulled off a Johnny Cash cover that blew my mind, showing her vocal range as well as her musicianship.


The band shone with original pieces, particularly “Special I Am” in their first set. Harkes’ writing reflects an honesty that most musicians haven’t the courage to show, and pairs lyrics perfectly with chord progressions to create an emotional connection with listeners.

The patio was well staffed, beautifully decorated, and created an ambiance of safety with staff members interacting with dancers. It was refreshing to be out and about in Saratoga without worry, knowing the security at Putnam Place was keeping a close eye on the patio to maintain the light summer vibe.Putnam Place’s patio is the perfect spot to rest after a hard day summering – be it at the track, watching ballet, before or after a concert at SPAC, or shopping downtown. Erin Harkes is worth traveling to see as well – and in fact, the Erin Harkes Band is playing many of her originals at NipperFest on July 23rd on Schenectady’s Central Park Music Haven stage. The seven-piece ensemble will take the stage early afternoon, and is well worth the trip!

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