Above Ground Podcast #162, The Heart of Nippertown with Jim Gilbert

Jim Gilbert is a creative firestorm, solution opportunist, and the Heart of Nippertown. Jim views his ADD as a superpower that just needs management. Jim is driven beyond the grind, beyond inspired, and is the beat that keeps the Heart of Nippertown pumping.

Jim discusses the cocktail that allows him to do only ten things at once. We talk about NipperFest 2022 and the great acts and logistics of it all. Above Ground Podcast will be there with your mental health resources from the NYS Office of Mental Health, AFSP Capital Region, NAMI NYS, Healing Springs, and so many others. We all need a hug too. AGP will give free hugs to anyone that needs one. Just ask. 

Jim Gilbert is the Publisher of Nippertown and the Director of Operations for Overit, a multi-media company in Albany.  Jim is also a concert photographer, with his name etched into many of the great photos we see on Nippertown and all over the media. 

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