Album Review: You’re Welcome by Thanks!

Based out of Saratoga Springs, Thanks! is an exciting group that mixes elements of blues, alternative, rock, and jazz into a truly fun and special blend. On July 15th , the band released their debut album, titled You’re Welcome, and I was happy to finally be able to dive in and see what they’ve been cooking up.  

The LP stars three main songwriters: Andrew DeWolf (who also plays the bass, MIDI, and backup vocals), Andrew Crella (lead vocals, tenor saxophone, piano, and organ), and Ben Martin (drums, percussion, and backup vocals). The album also features several other horn players, including Haley Duraski on trumpet, Scott Chatfield on tenor saxophone, Adam Myers on trombone, and Mallorie Meyer on French horn and backup vocals. 

The first song on the album is called “I Choose You”. Right away, the audience becomes privy to the distinctive sound of the band. The tune has a quick pulse, with some classic plunking of piano chords, upbeat horn parts, and a cool, almost conversational vocal style. As a listener, I got a flux of vibes between a dance club, a banging wedding band, and an 80s/90s movie montage video, all at once. The opening track definitely sets a clear tone and lets you know that you can lean back, strap in, and just enjoy the ride ahead.  


A couple of my favorite songs on the album are “Dirty Water” and “Bi-Polar Express”. The former has one of the hardest hitting “riffs” on the record, with some great rhythms and little moments throughout that had me bopping along the entire time. The latter showed the range that the band could cover, taking the same central music and style of the group, but shifting it to a more somber and introspective flavor that really made it stand out as being unique.   

The album’s closing song is “Leave ’er Johnny”. This song is a wild cross between a dancehall jig and a sailor sea shanty. While not what I was expecting when I first turned the record on, it somehow felt right and in-line with the jazzy jamboree that I had been enjoying. I learned by the end of the LP that if it was entertaining and sounded good, then it was certainly within the wheelhouse of Thanks!.   

Thanks! at Putnam Place in Saratoga.

The album as a whole is lively and showcases varied and quality songwriting throughout. While you could absolutely throw this record on and enjoy it, I think a listen through will leave anyone wanting to go out and experience the energy of the band in person at one of their live shows. It’s definitely the kind of music to kick a party off and get a crowd moving.   

You can listen to You’re Welcome on all major platforms, as well as keep up to date with the band on all of their social media by following the links below. Cheers and thanks!

Thanks! Website

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All photos & artwork courtesy of Thanks!. 

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