Above Ground Podcast #163, Beneath the Remains

There are wreckages in life that can leave us angry, frustrated and bitter. Healing often leaves us with more questions than answers. Before we know it, we are buried under the weight and desperate to exhume what’s left of ourselves. We need a path to get us out from Beneath the Remains.

Where do we start digging through the events, feelings and traumas that leave us feeling unable to get us looking for the shovel? We often need a catalyst to act as a detonator to blast open our hearts and minds. Much of the debris is left from childhood and patterns of behavior and pain. Our unconscious minds will often shut us down in times of severe trauma to shield us. 

Beneath the Remains is where you may be right now. You don’t have to stay there. One by one move the rocks, throw the dirt and build a brand new structure. It will take time, it will take strength, it will take moving forward. It will create light, it will create a new village. 

This past Saturday was NIpperFest 2022. We met amazing people, had wonderful conversations and hopefully we made the world a little less dark and scary for some of you. We are so grateful to be fortunate enough to bring you this content every week. 

Special thanks to Kevin Maloney. Kevin was in-studio when we recorded this episode. Kevin’s incredible talent bookends every episode now. Kevin created our intro/outro music. Kevin also played guitar on Will’s latest single, Memoir. Kevin’s talent is immense and lives forever on recordings from his band Withstand and the Final Sleep. 

Huge thanks and gratitude to Jim Gilbert, Laura D, Amy Klemme and everyone at Nippertown for their support and we couldn’t be happier to be part of the team. Ralph Renna for his friendship, dedication to our scene and for getting AGP involved. Vegas Nacy and the Empire Live team for their security at NipperFest this past weekend. Last, but not least, everyone that came out, shared stories, took resources, and chose to not let stigma get in the way of coming over to our table. See you soon!

This week’s episode title was inspired by the band Sepultura.

Until next week, get well, be safe, stay ABOVE…..

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