5 Questions with Josh Romeo

I first met Josh Romeo when I was lucky enough to play one of my non-singing Irish cops in a C-R Productions West Side Story that he was in. He was an immensely talented, energetic, driven high-schooler. He once told me his goal was to do 50 shows before leaving the area for college, and with all the opportunities in the Capital Region: C-R, Consortium, Curtain Call, Debuts, Lights Up and many more, he was able to achieve that. He came home from his first semester at Wagner to the first summer of the pandemic and immediately got to work, staging three plays and a benefit concert for Zoom. Now, he’s doing an improv show Monday night at Sand Lake Center for the Arts and I’m lucky to be sharing a stage with him again. I asked him what this is all about.

Who are you?

I am Josh Romeo!  I am going into my senior year at Wagner College studying theatre performance with a minor in art.  I have been doing theatre in the Capital Region since I was in 6th grade. 

What gave you the idea for the Josh Romeo show?  

The Josh Romeo Show is a lifelong dream of mine. I have always taken a lot of inspiration from shows like “Who’s Line is it Anyway” and how I wanted to create my own version of it.  In this version I wanted to create I wanted to be able to involve as many of my friends, mentors, and colleagues as possible. In my many years of theatre I have learned the most fun shows are always ones you get to do with close friends, and I wanted my show to feel like that always. 

What’s the play or musical that changed your life?

I would have to say Tony and Tina’s Wedding with Consortium Actors in 2019. A completely improvised show about a wedding full of audience interaction. It really helped me understand my love for the performance medium and it was just so fun. I got to do it with so many friends and have so many memories. I still hear the songs we danced to in the show and remembered exactly what was going on during the show. Definitely had a huge impact on shaping what I wanted to do in the future. 

What is it about improv that excites you? Do you have a favorite improv moment?

Whew boy, tons!  One of the most exciting things to me is how it will only ever exist in that moment. The story and scenes created will only ever been seen at that show and are being created right before your eyes. Another thing that excites me is getting to use your imagination in such a major way. You can create anything in improv!  But perhaps the most exciting thing to me about improv is the DANGER. There is so much daringness happening on the stage. You have no idea what’s going to happen, where the stories going to go, or what you’re going to say next. All you can do is trust your instincts and your scene partner and hold on for dear life. 

My favorite improv moment relates to this. It actually wasn’t in during in improv show but during Rumors with Consortium Actors in 2018.  In the second act there is a lot of conversations on the wired phone prop we had.  During a particular show, the phone cord kept coming unplugged.  It came out for the third time during one of the major plot points of the show and we had a mad cap dash to get it plugged back in. I was on the stage with two of my best friends Emmie and Kendall Paluch and we had to figure out how to keep the show going!  It was so fun!

What can audiences expect at the Josh Romeo Show?

Audience can expect an evening of FUN FUN FUN!  It’s going to be so fun.  Songs and stories will be created right before the audience’s eyes from nothing but one word audience suggestions. It will be unlike any scripted piece of theatre anyone has ever seen. 

The Josh Romeo Show

Sand Lake Center for the Arts

2880 NY-43, Averill Park

August 1st, 8pm, Doors open at 7:30

FREE Admission!

Featuring – Brian Sheldon, Patrick White, Sharon Paluch, Josh Romeo, Keaton Poore, Michaela Torres, Charlie Richard, and Katrina Wischusen

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