518 Film Network to Host Female Filmmaker Showcase at The Madison Theatre, August 26th

ALBANY – The 518 Film Network, a local organization of independent filmmakers from the Capital District is hosting the Female Filmmaker Showcase/BirthNet Charity Event on August 26th at 7:00pm at The Madison Theatre. The showcase will include films from local female filmmakers Michelle Polacinski (co-founder of the 518 Film Network), Tara Rule, Elisheva Novella, Victoria Diana, Charity Buckbee, and more. One-hundred percent of all proceeds will be donated to BirthNet.

Each piece will showcase films written, produced, directed by, and/or starring female filmmakers/talent from the 518. The event aims to empower women, uplift one another, and most importantly, raise money for BirthNet, a local non-profit in Albany whose services are more important than ever before.

BirthNet provides the local community with resources for women’s reproductive rights and services education for women in the community, advocacy services, and community doula’s. BirthNet is an essential part of our community in the Capital District. BirthNet’s mission statement: “Founded in 2001, BirthNet has led the way to bring together professionals, policy makers, and families to work for a healthy, research supported wellness model of maternity care for the Capital Region. BirthNet works to address the huge disparities in birth outcomes among African American women and babies in the Capital District.”


Tickets are $15, an additional donation is suggested, but not required. Doors are at 6pm. Tickets can be purchased at the door or online:

To learn more about BirthNet and the essential services they provide our community, visit their website.

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