Stories From a Bar Podcast #57, Ben DeHan

Episode 57 of Stories From A Bar, Chris gets the opportunity to chat with Baltimore-based musicians Ben DeHan and Cellist of the band (and fiancée) Lauren White. Ben has experienced everything from the highs of playing packed shows with some of his pop-punk idols to the lows of band breakups and bad contracts. Even becoming so despondent at one point he stepped away from music for almost a decade.

While chatting all about how he got into music Ben and Chris also go on to talk all about some of their favorite bands and influences. Ben also discusses what it was like to step away from music after the breakup of his band American Diary, meeting Lauren not long before the pandemic began, and the feelings that go along with his comeback as a solo artist and the release of his debut EP “New Nostalgia.”

So be sure to check out Episode 57 of the Stories From A Bar Ben’s musical journey and what he has in store for the future. You’ll find the show on all major podcast platforms so be sure to like and subscribe. Also, follow Stories From A Bar on Facebook, Twitter (@StoriesFAB), and Instagram to see what’s coming up or general fun shenanigans. Lastly, a big thank you to Ben DeHan and Lauren White for being on the show!

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