LIVE: OAR / Dispatch / G Love @ SPAC, Saratoga Springs, 08/21/2022

O.A.R. and Dispatch came through Saratoga Performing Arts Center this past Sunday night, and with the feeling of summer beginning to come to a close, there couldn’t have been a more appropriate concert to respark the summertime vibes and that desire to go kick back on a beach somewhere.  

Photo by Dakota Gilbert

G. Love kicked things off for the evening with his signature style, blending blues, rock, and rap.  Throughout his set, G. Love reminisced about the almost one year he spent at Skidmore, telling the story of him being caught growing marijuana in his dorm during Spring Break, and being asked not to return.  Just as it felt like his set was winding down, G. Love brought out the guitarist and frontman of Twiddle, Mihali Savoulidis, who joined in for the final two songs of the set.

Photo by Dakota Gilbert

By the time Dispatch was about to take the stage there wasn’t a single empty seat in the SPAC amphitheater, however, from the moment the lights dropped and the band came out, there wasn’t a filled seat for the next 90 minutes.  Instead, it was thousands of people on their feet, singing and dancing the night away.  As seemed to be required during this show, Dispatch brought out guests, this time OAR’s saxophonist, Jerry DePizzo as well as their touring trumpet player Jon Lampley.  The set was one for the ages, words can’t come close to living up to the actual atmosphere Dispatch brought back to Saratoga.

Photo by Dakota Gilbert

Finally, given the daunting task of following a set as lively as the one that was just had, was Of a Revolution, or as pretty much everyone knows them, O.A.R…and they did not disappoint.  While some of the Dispatch faithful (or maybe just some Monday morning workers) had already scrambled to the parking lot, those that stayed had nothing to be disappointed by.  O.A.R. played a powerful hour and a half set that included G. Love returning to the stage for a song, as well as all of Dispatch for the final three songs.  The bands joined forces and closed the night with two covers, U2’s hit “With or Without You” and the final, a song by another acronym named band, R.E.M.’s “It’s The End of the World as We Know It”, which left everyone heading home feeling way better than fine.

Photo Gallery of OAR, Dispatch, and G Love by Dakota Gilbert

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  1. Dave Omicinski says

    Spot on Dakota. Dispatch was great and OAR delivered their usual high quality show. Terrific double bill.

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