It’s Local Thursday on WEXT! September 1st

It’s Local 518 Thursday! Click on the artist/band and song featured on the WEXT Radio Local 518 Show to find out more about them, and support by listening to & purchasing the songs. Miss the show? Listen to it and previous ones at the WEXT Radio Local 518 Show webpage. Have music you want us to hear? Submission guidelines can be found at the webpage link too. Send us stuff!

Tonight at 11:00pm on WEXT Radio you’ll find the Local 518 rocks in many ways. Find a new favorite from this playlist…
Coupons – “Waiting
Nymbis – “Shadows
El Modernist – “New Waves
Gracies Paris – “Baby Now
Under the Den – “Hold On
Violet Ones – “Campari

Congratulations to the band Under the Den for the 2022 Eddies Award nomination for Rock/Pop Artist of the Year!

The Attic Classic: WETWERKS originally began in 1996 as an electronic rock duo. With NO guitars, NO drums, NO singer, they still found themselves playing shows to small but enthusiastic crowds. After the only venue that would put up with their noise closed, the two went back to the basement, to regroup and figure out what was next.

In summer of 1998, Rob Parzek called Seth Warden up after hearing about a local radio station’s “Next Big Thing” contest. With Seth on vocals and guitar and Rob on drums, they recorded a song demo, finishing and submitting it just before deadline. As they learned not long after, the demo got them into the finals of the contest.

In which they needed not one but an entire set of songs, and a band to fill out their sound. Rob and Seth called up a college buddy, Nate Giordano, as bassist for the band, and began a marathon songwriting session for the show.

Which they won.

So in less than five months, WETWERKS was born, opening to a crowd of thousands at EdgeFest 98 featuring Everclear and Blink-182. The band gathered momentum following that show, continuing to evolve their mix of melodic hard rock & alternative metal. They remained independent, although not without trying to sign to a major label, releasing singles, EP’s and albums via the crowd-funded Sellaband, and playing at large shows and festivals.

In 2005 WETWERKS released ‘Further Than My Eyes,’ what was to be the final album with the co-founding members of Seth and Rob. After a ten-year run together, Rob would continue on with the band name, enlisting a whole new lineup. Seth’s songwriting had begun to expand beyond hard rock, with him eventually putting together an acoustic trio (Ed. You can find Seth today with Warden and Co.)

The Attic Classic is “Brave For Me,” a track from that last original line-up album.

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