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Tonight at 11:00pm on WEXT Radio I’ve come up with a solid rock playlist…
The Viennese School – “Follies
The Jagaloons – “Espionage”
grape juice! – “Goodbyes Suck
Asa Morris – “This Ghost
Russel the Leaf – “I’m A Rolling Stone
E.R.I.E. – “My Rusted Armor
Man Must Explore – “Rx

Congratulations on the nominations for 2022 Eddies Awards to E.R.I.E. for Alt/Indie Artist of the Year, Cacophone Records for Record Label of the Year, and Russel the Leaf for Songwriter of the Year!

The Attic Classic: When Albany punk band TRAUMA SCHOOL DROPOUTS broke up in 1998, they left behind shows remembered as high intensity and chaotic, with crowd members if not standing with heads-banging, there were those just launching themselves from the stage, not to mention mosh pits and crowd surfing. From the stage, a sound informed by 70’s punk progenitors Ramones, Dead Boys, and Sex Pistols, with vocalist Duane Beer‘s slightly unhinged antics and attitude getting their crowd right into the spirit.

Poseurs? I think not.

They released two albums on Cacophone Records, their first ‘Beach Party Dragstrip’ in 1995 then ‘Identity Crisis’ in 1996. But sometime in 1997, they hit the studio and ripped out an album worth of songs, mainly all tracked live. It was shelved for 25 years, for reasons no one clearly recalls, until the band reunited to play a special one-time show.

Trauma School Dropout’s third album has been released this year, with the fitting album title ‘Past Due.’ For the Attic Classic one of the first singles released, “Registered Nurse.”

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