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Tonight there’s music pieces without words on the playlist, featuring…
Nelson Esposito Quintana [NEQ] – “Dune Buggy
wet hotdog – “wet hot dub
Dominic Orlando – “Morning Light
Fox Kraft – “White Tulip
Jim Sande – “Rabbit
The Jagaloons – “Squad Car
Portyl – “Things You Can’t Explain

THE ATTIC CLASSIC: EDDIE ANGEL was hard-wired to play rock n roll guitar. He lays the blame (or gives credit to) his two older sisters who played early rock and roll records around their house all the time, and the early Beatles records which inspired him to play guitar and be in a band.

With a career spanning over five decades, a stop at any point in time would reveal Eddie’s devotion to playing guitar. In the 70’s, Eddie played with popular Albany lounge band Tino and The Revlons, then toured with the Star Spangled Washboard Band. Those tours led to his joining up with rockabilly legend Tex Rubinowitz and the Bad Boys. Back to Albany in the 80’s, then a move to Nashville with the promising rockabilly band Jeannie Smith & The Hurricanes. In the 90’s, there’s a leap across the Atlantic with The Planet Rockers; back again for caveman rock with The Neanderthals. Of course, there’s the ongoing instrumental guitar outfit Los Straitjackets.

For the Attic Classic, we’ll go back to when Eddie recorded his first single in 1981, “Rampage.” Here’s Eddie unmasked in 2013, filmed playing at The Rockabilly Rave by blackeyejoe.

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